FAQ Payment

FAQ Payment

FAQ Payment

Here you can find information about the payment modes available on the website.

On Podrotomail you can pay by:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepaid credit

The bank transfer must be made out to:
Rotomail Italia S.p.A.
Poste Italiane
IBAN: IT09 L076 0101 6000 0102 1424 302

Remember to enter the ID reference of your order (which you will find in the order confirmation pdf) as the reason for payment.

For orders payable by immediate bank transfer, we will send you a reminder e-mail after 2 weeks if we have not received payment. If we have still not received payment after 5 weeks, the order will be cancelled from your Personal Area.

There is no real price list for delivery costs because they are calculated on the basis of the book’s characteristics (format, number of pages, weight), the number of copies and destination address.
During the order phase, you will see the delivery methods available and the relative costs.

You can request the activation of payment by prepaid credit at any time by contacting our Sales Department on 02 251501.
After contacting us by telephone and in order to activate payment you must provide for the payment of the required sum by bank transfer* made out to:

Rotomail Italia S.p.A.
Poste Italiane
IBAN: IT09 L076 0101 6000 0102 1424 302

Remember to insert "Prepaid credit - payment date" as motive of payment.
Once we receive your bank transfer, we will activate the mode of payment for your account and a "virtual wallet" will be created for you on the portal (accessed directly from your "Account Data/Payment Data" section) that will be deducted each time you make an order.
You can then recharge the credit by making a new transfer at any time.*

*To speed up the activation process or charging, we recommend you contact our Sales Department and send a copy of the bank transfer (or CRO) to: fatturazione@rotomail.it.

By activating the mode of payment with prepaid credit, you will be entitled to a certain percentage of discount on print prices (depending on the amount paid), which will be calculated during the order by choosing this method of payment among those available for your account

From your Personal Area, in the "Account data/Payment data" section, you can monitor the list of credits/debits.
Every time you make a payment, Rotomail Italia issues an invoice in your favor and records the credit. The system automatically calculates the % discount on the printing prices to which you are entitled on the basis of the balance of your account. The discount reserved for you for this payment method is valid for 365 days from the date of payment.

If, when paying by credit card on the website of one of our partners, you should experience problems or be unable to complete payment (due to insufficient credit for example), our system will record the error in the order. The order will be saved in your Personal Area, with "Failed credit card payment" status and you can try paying again later, within 7 days of the transaction.

No. All prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be applied during the order phase.

Enter the code in the designated filed of the checkout cart (step 04 – Order summary) e click on the validate button. Once the code is validated, you will immediately see the discounted amount.