FAQ ePOD service

FAQ ePOD service

FAQ ePOD service

Here you can find information about the ePOD service, dedicated to your e-commerce.

E-POD Service is the printing service dedicated to publishers who want to print on demand the orders received from their e-commerce site or their management system.

Through the online archive, the publisher will be able to manage files, define the technical specifications orders and invoices of the books they decided to catalogue in E-POD mode.

The dispatch of E-POD orders is automatically managed through a shared information flow between the publisher and Rotomail Italia.

The E-POD Service is dedicated to all publishers who want to manage the orders of the titles collected from their e-commerce site or from their management system.

The publisher that uses an e-commerce system or its own management system to manage the title print orders, enters into a contract with Rotomail Italia to activate the service E-POD.

It is defined throughout the procedure flow an automatic exchange of orders between the publisher and Rotomail Italia.

The E-POD service is activated through the portal.

The publisher can enter all the titles they want to manage in E-POD mode.

Print orders are collected by the publisher and are transmitted to Rotomail Italia to be managed.

The publisher can monitor orders, production, invoices and archive pdf and the technical specifications of the titles.

E-POD service can be activated by contacting the Sales Department of Rotomail Italia:

• by e-mail at: podrotomail@rotomail.it
• by telephone on: 02251501

Yes, certainly. For each title included in the database you can sort the copies and send them to one or more addresses from your private area.

The insertion of information related to classified titles as E-POD can be done manually or through a shared flow between the publisher and Rotomail Italia.

For insertion in the database, you will be asked to:

• provide technical features: print quality (standard or photo), size, paper type (interior and cover), weight, type of printing (black and white or color), type of lamination, inclusion or not of side flaps
• specify the cover page file you want to upload in the database: measure bleeds and spine
• Upload the cover file(s)
• Upload files of the interior

If the E-POD titles page is disabled it is because the E-POD service has not yet been activated.
To activate the service contact our Sales Department.