ePOD Service

ePOD Service

The E-POD service is the printing solution dedicated to publishers who wish to manage orders coming directly from their management system or collected through their e-commerce site.

The service allows the publisher to select the titles in the portfolio according to their rotation and to enter those defined as 'low/slow rotation' into the E-POD archive. This involves the creation of a specific virtual warehouse alongside the publisher's physical warehouse, allowing the publisher to minimise stock (creation of a safety stock) for the selected titles. The E-POD archive integrates with the publisher's management systems and allows, through an IT flow shared between the publisher and Rotomail Italia, the automatic reordering of titles whenever they fall below the 'safety stock'.

The innovative printing and packaging process allows books to be printed on-demand (on demand) in black and white and colour, with glossy and matt plastic-coated covers, with flaps or without, set up in paperback, even in micro-prints or single copies.

The advantages for the publisher

  • Decreased out-of-catalogue and increased revenues: thanks to the digitisation of part of the catalogue, it is possible to keep every title alive, even the less popular ones.
  • Reduction of stock: the POD makes it possible to produce the exact number of books required at the time, significantly reducing stock management costs.
  • Books always fresh from the press: on-demand production reduces the risk of product obsolescence
  • Maximisation of the long tail and identification of new business opportunities for niche or low-turnover texts
  • Optimisation of margins per sale (no middleman between publisher and end customer)

For further information or for E-POD service activation, contact us at podrotomail@rotomail.it or +39 02 251501 also in Whatsapp.