POD service

POD service

What is POD?

POD - Print On Demand - is an innovative and revolutionary service offered by Rotomail Italia and dedicated to all the publishers distributed.

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What is POD for?

POD allows to print books –even in just one copy- only when triggered by an actual sale or when  requested by the market.

Books managed this way are always in-print and available for sale, even if they are not physically in bookstores or warehouses.

The printing process will only be activated after receiving a request for the book (even just one copy) from a customer.

This way, the publisher will no longer have to manage a physical warehouse of copies of a title, only a “virtual” warehouse.

Thanks to this website, Rotomail Italia makes an on-line archive available, where the publisher can add and manage the titles it decides to catalogue for POD.

What we offer

Using its Personal Area, the publisher can:

  • Manage its account data: invoicing data, delivery data, payment data, contracts and account management.
  • Manage the titles in its catalogue: addition, editing and deletion of titles, quotations and orders for test copies.
  • Monitor orders from book shops managed by distributor.
  • Display records of past orders and invoices.

POD advantages for publishers


  • Revive backlist sales and ensure every title in your catalogue is always in-print so you never miss a sale 
  • Reduce traditional warehouse storing and its expenses: POD allows to print books in the exact amount needed, This way POD has become an alternative to warehousing
  • Reduction in returns, book stocks and pulping
  • Books are always fresh off the press, thanks to on demand production

At the moment, POD service is avaible only for publishers distributed by Messaggerie Libri.
If you are a publisher distributed by Messaggerie Libri, please visit: www.podeditori.it.
If you are a publisher NOT distributed by Messaggerie Libricontact us.
If you are a distributor and you want to activate POD service for your publishers, contact us.


For support, further information or clarification of doubts, visit the “FAQ” page or contact us at podrotomail@rotomail.it or +39 02 251501.

How does it work?


The publisher decides to catalogue some of titles as POD.


They sign up on the website, enter into the POD contract with Rotomail and the distributor, and upload titles to the archive  (technical specifications and PDF files).


A Customer orders a book catalogued as POD in one of the book shops (traditional or online) managed by the distributor.


The distributor collects orders from all the book shops and sends an order file to Rotomail every day.


Rotomail Italia prints the books and delivers them to the distributor warehouse.


The distributor handles the distribution, delivering to the book shop or to the final Customer, based on the initial order type.