Global Exchange Service

Global Exchange Service

Global Exchange Service

The Global Exchange service allows Italian publishers to distribute and sell their titles worldwide through a print-on-demand system.

The service is provided by Rotomail Italia in partnership with Ingram Content Group, it allows publishers to place their titles in the Ingram catalogue and distribute them worldwide through a unique global distribution network in collaboration with local printers and retailers.

Benefits for the publisher

  • International distribution and sales on major marketplaces.
  • Increased catalog reach and ooprtunity to reach more potential foreign readers
  • Access to difficult markets without language barriers of entry or difficulties related to finding the right interlocutor
  • On-demand sales and production in the target country starting from the single copy
  • No returns and no risk of stock breakage
  • Reduced emissions associated with transportation of books
  • Increased speed in reaching the final customer (production and shipping in days, not weeks)

Why Rotomail?

  • Business model with no risk for the publisher and no financial outlays
  • Guaranteed minimum profit for copy sold
  • Management of all aspects related to distribution from a single platform (title archive, metadata management, verification of accuracy of print files, monthly sales and earnings reports) 
  • Ability to use pdf files of interiors and covers already in use for Rotomail print services and guarantee of file compliance with Ingram requirements
  • Direct relationship with a known contact person, without language barriers
  • Publisher compensation and earnings in euros


For more information or clarification, please see the FAQ section or contact us at or by phone at +39 02 251501

How does it works?


The publisher accepts the contract about the Global Exchange service.


The publisher selects the titles from their own catalog that they wish to distribute globally and uploads them to the Global Exchange archive, entering the necessary metadata and defining the distribution markets and their selling prices.


Titles become part of the Ingram catalog and are distributed to markets selected by the publisher during the upload stage.


When one of the titles is purchased, it is printed on demand and sent to the bookstore or final customer who placed the order.


Publisher can track the sales performance of their titles from the "Compensation Report" section.